A Critical Evaluation of Tibebe Eshete’s “The Root Cause of the Ogaden Problem -1942-1960

09 Aug
Faisal Roble
August 08, 2011

(7)The relationship between Geri and Issaq residents in Barbera and Hargaysa is much deeper and intermarriage between the families goes back to the days of Garad Adan Garad Koshin and Boqor Sharmarkeof Sacad Musse in Zaylac in the 1850s. In recent years, for example, four out of Garad Ali’s wives were from the Haber Awal Family.  The story of his last marriage is told by generations in the Reserved Area.  Legend has one elder Ildab (Rer-Gadid of Sacad Musse) came to his house after a long work day and asked his wife to serve him lunch.  After she told him that she did not prepare the lunch, Ildab threatened his wife with an irreversible divorce.  She reportedly responded by saying: “hadaad ifurto ma Garad Ali baad ismooday,” or “threatening me with divorce? Who do you think you are? Garad Ali!?” Upon learning that the lady was divorced, Garad Ali sent an emissary to the woman with a marriage proposal and a generous dowry to her family; and the rest is history. The children of Garad Ali and Elder Ildab by this legendry woman remainedclose siblings to this date.  Moreover, Garad Yusuf’s daughter was married to the most important Sacad Musse Suldan, Suldan Hashi Elmi who too died in Jigjiga”.

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Faallo u dhaaf

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