What I have Learned

30 May

Afkaaga caano lagu qabay ina Cabsiiyaay. Aniguna waxaan ka bartay maqaalkaagan in haweenka soomaaliyeed noqon karaan waxa ay rabaan. Waxa aan bartay in silica iyo saxariirka soomaalida aanay dhibic taban ku lahayn xaawaleyda soomaalidu shar oo dhamina ku xoonsan yahay rag isu sheeggooda. Waxa aan bartay in khaladaadka soomaalidu gashay ugu weyn tahay caddilaadda ay ku sameeyeen 50% ka mid ah bulshadooda (dumarka), ama ka badan. Waxa aan bartay in haddii la i weydiiyo in aan sheego waxa aan bartay, aan u baahan ahay wakhti aan ka yarayn intii aan jiray.

By Fathia Absie
May 29, 2011

I have learned that looking in to some one’s eyes, can give you a glimpse to their soul.
I have learned that a beautiful smile is very contagious.

I have learned that no matter who we are, we are all in search of the most precious thing known to mankind, true love.
I have learned that a love lost or failed is better than a love not had.
I have learned that loving with all you’ve got leaves no room for regrets.
I have learned that loving feels better than being loved.

I have learned that a person with too much ego is covering up something.
I have learned that giving in doesn’t always mean giving up.
I have learned that compromising is better than settling a score.

I have learned that becoming a parent is to show us exactly how much our parents love us.
I have leaned that meaning what you say and keeping your promises makes you a better person.

I have leaned that being with other human beings is the best teacher.
I have learned that having integrity makes you feel warm inside.

I have learned that the best ideas alone, with no way of backing them up, means you might as well be a fool.
I have learned that life gives us what we’ve put in forward.

I have learned that Africa is very slow in producing another son like Nelson Mandela.
I have leaned that Somalis are the least nationalists I’ve known.
I have leaned that accepting personal responsibilities is an achievement.

I have learned that even though Islam tells us Muslims to practice empathy, I have met very few Somalis and Arabs that feel any.

I have learned that it’s really hard to love someone you don’t respect.
I have learned that age is really a number and that the mirror doesn’t reflect the real person inside.

I have learned that being so popular doesn’t mean you can have what you want.
I have learned that giving people the chance to get to know them is to make room for loving them regardless of their faith, color or culture.

I have learned that my people don’t practice critical thinking or reasoning therefore; they don’t realize their power that their destiny is on their hands.
I have learned that those who act like they know everything don’t really know much.

I have learned that even though it’s true that money can’t buy you love; it can buy you knowledge at first hand if desired.
I have learned that it’s so important to me to reach out and touch others in a way they will never forget, even if they’ll never see me again.

I have learned that we don’t get to decide our clan, region, country or even the family we’re born into, but we can choose who our friends are and what a beautiful choice we were given.

I have learned that we are what we think we are, it’s just a matter of believing it.
I ha have learned that this journey called life is really very short and that reflecting and forgiving are both of urgency.

I have learned that ignorance is really our true enemy.

I have learned that I don’t know where moral Excellency comes from or how to fully achieve a such thing, but as long as I try my very best, and not hurt anyone, I am doing alright and the rest is between Allah and I.

This and a lot more is what I have learned thus far. What have you learned?

Fathia Absie


Fathia Absie is a freelance writer, filmmaker and a regular contributor to WardheerNews. She is now touring to screen her first documentary film, Broken

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