Tunisia’s popular uprising: the doomsday life presidents as a window of hope

29 Jan

By: Bihi Iman


REVOLUTIONS arise from inequalities, numerical or qualitative–from a numerical mass claiming equality denied them, or from a minority claiming superiority denied them. A revolution may result either in a complete change of polity, or only in a modification of the existing one. An oligarchy is less permanent than a democracy, owing to factions within the oligarchical body”-Aristotle


In all revolutions, the conditions which leads up to them is the desire of the many for equality, and the desire of the minority for effective superiority. The purposes with which they are set on foot are profit, honour, or avoidance of loss or dishonour. The inciting occasions are many; jealousy of those who have wealth and honour, official arrogance, fear of the law or of its abuse, personal rivalries, failure of the middle class to maintain a balance, race antagonisms, antagonism of localities, and others.

The historic Revolutions in French, America, Russia and china were a period of radical social and political upheaval that has dramatically changed this world. And what is happening now is not different but rather reinforced by the globalization and more organized by its social media like face book and twitter.


The vassal leaders in the Arab world-who were enjoying in the hay days of their live presidency-, are shaking. The power they were claiming and forces they fenced were all but gone. As there is no such thing that lasts ever long, their power was overwhelmed by absolute power of the people- the hitherto giant sleeping. Ask President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali what a power the people is vested.  Mubarak’s slaughter is on the door step. The gloomy eclipsed the faces of these monument leaders is at best the peoples’ beacon of hope. This is deservedly the price of repressive rulers.


Somalis has been and is experiencing terrible situations that need to be protested against: Siyad Barre’s era, was a time when all resources and ideas were monopolized by one man, who claimed to have had the absolute wisdom, “father of knowledge of our universe” (guulwade Siyad Aabihii garashada gayigayaw). Followed by the era of warlords, the lot of evils, whose slogan has been ‘agree not to agree’, employed clan militias to enrich through destruction and killing. Then came the era of extremists who declared religious wars-while the people already have enough bloodshed-shooting all directions and killing anyone who might have different opinion. Therefore, injustice should not be repeated on the same slogan.


However, where the people of the world are protesting against their corruptive, repressive and unjust institutions, the Somali people are just in a Hobbesian anarchic state: an amalgamation of all bad adjectives. Once doubbed the land of punt (land of scent/God), now reduced into fertile ground for international criminals, piracy and warlords.

Is it not the high time for the Somalis to foment “the Tunis Style” upraising to revolt against the deviant neo-Islamists (AL-SHABAB), the crusaders (AMISOM) and their lackeys (TFG) and all other spoilers?

I anticipate that the slight wind blowing into the open door that is manifested in the Arab world is the harbinger of good tidings of which ….. Qur’an is the bearer.”

Faallo u dhaaf

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U dhaaf Halcelis

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